At LSP Consultants, we offer a broad spectrum of services for a wide range of industries. LSP have extensive design experience, be it design of auditorium acoustics or prediction of cabin noise on board ships.

We count as our clients virtually every major organisation in the marine and offshore, and micro-electronics industry, in ASEAN and China.

Vibration Analysis
Machine Vibration
Micro-Vibration Facilities
Architectural Acoustics
Industrial & Marine Acoustics
Environmental Acoustics
Predictive Maintenance Programs
Instrument & Software Development
Vibration Analysis
  • Modal & Response Shape Analysis of Structures
  • Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Structures
  • Shipboard Vibration
  • Ground Vibration
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Design audits and dynamic design services
  • Torsional vibration measurements and analysis
Machine Vibration
  • Condition monitoring
  • Operational deflection shape analysis
  • In-situ dynamic balancing
  • Torsional vibration measurements
Micro-Vibration Facilities

LSP is a leader in the provision of vibration and acoustic design and engineering services to low vibration micro-electronics facilities.

  • Foundation review
  • Building structural dynamic analysis
  • Floor slab design for ultra-low vibration tools
  • Tool pedestal design
  • Vibration and noise control for utilities
  • Source identification & ranking
  • Continuous vibration monitoring of vibration sensitive areas during adjacent construction activity
Architectural Acoustics
  • Aural room acoustics simulation
  • Field STC measurements
  • Transmission loss calculations of partitions
  • Reverberation time measurements
  • HVAC noise calculations
  • Speech Transmission Index (STIPA) measurements
Industrial & Marine Acoustics
  • Noise prediction in spaces on ships and rigs
  • Acoustic audits for newbuildings
  • ABS accredited external measurement specialists for HAB classification
  • Deck/Topsides noise contours
Environmental Acoustics
  • Noise contours using SOUNDPLAN
  • NEA boundary noise measurements
Predictive Maintenance Programs
  • Routine Periodic contract surveys
  • Baseline surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Contract manpower supply
  • Implementation of total predictive maintenance systems
  • Supply of predictive maintenance hardware & software
  • On line systems
  • On call technical support
  • Infrared themographic inspections
  • Training courses
Instrument & Software Development

LSP has resources for the development of specialised instrumentation and software for personal data acquisition, vibration and noise measurement and analysis.

Projects undertaken include building vibration monitoring systems, construction site noise monitoring systems and analysis software for noise and vibration predictions.

  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics calculations (CFD)
  • Shaft power measurements for propeller shafts, thruster motors
  • Bollard pull (up to 200 tonnes)